Lodging at the Pension


About the Watanuki Pension

Watanuki Pension was opened as Japan's first Pension in 1969 in Gumna Prefecture at the Kusatsu Onsen. Kusatsu not only features a full onsen, but due to its high elevation it serves as a place to get away from the heat in the summer and a ski resort in the winter, making it enjoyable all year round.

Here at the Kusatsu Onsen, where our Pension has served guests with hospitality for ages, you can feel the seasons in the wind, taste the cooking with seasonal ingredients, and soak in the hot springs for the ultimate relaxation.

Japan's first Bed and Breakfast, Watanuki Pension


We provide a menu of dishes using in-season ingredients such as wild plants in the spring and natural mushrooms in the fall.
For dinner, rather than eating at the Pension you can enjoy a meal at the attached [Ristorante Al Rododendro].

  • Breakfast and dinner are served at the dining hallBreakfast and dinner are served at the dining hall
  • A sample dinner made using wild spring vegetablesA sample dinner made using wild spring vegetables
  • A pot dish with plenty of natural mushroomsA pot dish with plenty of natural mushrooms
  • For breakfast you can enjoy our home-made bread and jamFor breakfast you can enjoy our home-made bread and jam

Lodging Rates

For parties of 2 or more, we offer the following rates year round.
For parties of one, a surcharge will be charged for certain days. Please inquire with us for details.

  1 night with 2 meals 1 night with breakfast
2 guests or more ¥8,250 ¥6,630
One guest ¥9,330〜 ¥7,710〜
Elementary school students ¥8,100 ¥6,480
Small children [with meal and bedding] ¥6,480 ¥4,000
Small children [with meal] ¥3,480 ¥1,000
Small children [with bedding] ¥3,000 ¥3,000
Small children [with no meal or bedding] ¥1,000 ¥800
* Small children refers to children aged 3 to 6.
* Prices include tax.

Steak Plan

This plan includes a 100g steak of domestic Japanese aged beef fillet as the Western dinner (main dish).
This is a special dish crafted by the chef of [Ristorante Al Rododendro].
1 night with 2 meals ¥10,250 (tax included)

Steak Plan

You can also change your dinner to a course meal at [Ristorante Al Rododendro].
Please let us know when you make your reservation.

Guide to the building

Guest rooms

Number of guest rooms:
15 (6 Japanese style rooms and 9 Western style rooms)
Room Facilities:
Washroom, TV, satellite broadcasting, tea set, yukata bath robe, haori coat, bath towels, hand towels, soap, tooth brush set
  • Japanese style room with 6 tatami matsJapanese style room with 6 tatami mats
  • Western style room with 2 bedsWestern style room with 2 beds

Hot springs

The water of Kusatsu Onsen flows 100% directly from the source (Bandai hot springs), and you can enjoy the water at any time other than water changing and cleaning times (from 10:00A.M. to 1:00P.M.).
*You can use the large public bath in the Hotel Village free of charge by presenting your [Use Certificate].

Onsen water type:
Acidic alum spring, Acidic iron vitriol spring
Atopy, eczema, motor function disorders, rheumatism, nerve disorders
Hair drier, scale, soap, body soap, two-in-one shampoo
  • an onsen with water from the Kusatsu spring
  • you can enjoy the water at any time

Basic information

14:00 (Latest check-in 17:00)
10 parking spots available (free of charge)
Hotel facilities:
washing toilet (shared), Restaurant, coin laundry (paid), free Wi-Fi
Dining space:
[breakfast and dinner] Dining hall
Free Shogi game rental, free Go game rental, cleaning service, massage service, wake-up call, package delivery
Wheelchairs to loan, allergy-friendly food choices

We hope you will come visit us.