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About Ristorante Al Rododendro

Ristorante Al Rododendro is an Italian restaurant which operates within the Watanuki Pension. It was opened in 2003 after the third generation of the Watanuki Pension went to Italy and France to study.

It serves only course meals for both lunch and dinner, but it serves a variety of cuisine in keeping with the season such as wild plants in the spring and wild game in the winter, all based around ingredients locally produced in Gunma.

The restaurant welcomes all guests rather staying at the Pension or not. Seating is limited, so please feel free to make a reservation.

Ristorante Al Rododendro


Only course meals are available at lunch and dinner.

¥3,000 *weekdays only / ¥4,500 / ¥6,500 / ¥8,500

¥6,500 / ¥8,500

We serve around 40 kinds of Italian wines.
Spumante, white wine, red wine,
grappa as a digestif , homemade limoncello, amaro, cognac, etc.

Hours of operation

11:30 ~ 14:30
18:00 ~ 22:00
Every Monday (or the following day when Monday is a holiday)
A maximum of 12 seats ※Due to the limited number of seats, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.
A maximum of 16 seats

We hope you will come visit us.